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Why it’s important that you’re cleaner has insurance and WSIB coverage

Most businesses that employ workers in Ontario must register with the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) within 10 days of hiring either part-time or full-time staff.  The WSIB is part of the Workplace Safety Insurance Act (WSIA) which was started back in 1914.

Staying in Compliance

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At Spotless Janitorial Services the WSIB is an important part of our business as it is designed to help keep our workers safe and informed.  Our commitment to providing a safe working environment for our staff is priority number one.  Knowing that Spotless Janitorial Services registers with the WSIB, means that we are in compliance and so are our customers.  Staying in compliance with the WSIB is the law in Ontario. Any incident must be reported to the WSIB.

Industrial Facilities

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As Spotless Janitorial cleans industrial facilities and warehouses, there are other risks associated with these types of environments that are not related to commercial cleaning services, but that our employees are potentially exposed to.  These types of risks may include the release of hazardous materials, leaks or spills.  At Spotless Janitorial we ensure that our workers are fully aware of the risks associated with a commercial cleaning site.  These details are outlined during the creation phase of our customized cleaning plan.